BIOLACTAM® is a versatile assay for the clinical routine and emergency diagnosis of a variety of infections, e.g. of the respiratory and urinary tract, CNS, ENT, as well as dental and gynaecological infections. The use of BIOLACTAM® will help to reduce treatment time and costs, ease the process of resistance detection and may safe numerous lives while ensuring the future effectiveness of current antibiotics.

• ß-lactamases inactivate ß-lactam antibiotics with the consequence of impaired or insufficient therapeutic efficacy
• BIOLACTAM® allows quantification of ß-lactamase activity photometrically
• the assay consists of three components (nitrocefin, phosphate buffer and penicillinase) and needs only few additionally materials (e.g. microplate reader, clear flat-bottom 96-well plate, etc.)
• a standard kit allows testing of 20 samples and includes reliable controls
Advantages and unique features
•    does not demand a bacterial culture – no bacteriological laboratory needed
•    offers quick and reliable results (1.5 to 3 hours)
•    determination of combined ß-lactamase activity (microbiological and endogenous)
•    quantitative results provide threshold values for adequate and target-directed therapy
Motivation for use
• rapid detection of therapy failure due to ß-lactamase activity in patients
• optimizing already initial therapy by revealing presumed inefficacy of ß-lactam antibiotics due to ß-lactamase activity
• minimizing development of antibiotic resistance by target-directed therapy
•    Vial 1 125 μg Nitrocefin (chromogenic substrate)
•    Vial 2 0.1 M Phosphate buffer (PB)
•    Vial 3 Penicillinase 10,000 IU
Reagents delivered
•    1 BIOLACTAM-Assay for 20 determinations
additional materials required
•    Micropipettors
•    Microplate with 96 wells (flat, clear)
•    Thermostat / Incubator
•    Plate Reader (492/505 nm)